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Social Corruption

Recently, a friend pointed me to an animation describing the inherent self-destructive elements of capitalism — while not naming what it is: capitalism. The animation has ten parts and is called »synergy«, and — nomen est omen — tries to describe the interwoven dynamics of a society which is inherently »corrupt« . First, I associated the word »corruption« which a personal defective behavior, but it is meant systemically: social corruption. However, I think, »social disruption« would fit better. And: Don’t expect any solutions, it only describes our society by using absolutely great animations! I wish, I could do animations that way! The creator is Marian Thomas.

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Harsha Walia on Commoning and Communities

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Yochai Benkler on Commons and Peer-Production

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On the Political Economy of Copy Protection

UnknownThis article was published in: Tilman Baumgärtel (Ed.), A Reader on International Media Piracy, Amsterdam University Press, pp. 131-144. It is the English translation of Zur politischen Ökonomie von Kopie und Kopierschutz.

Why does copy protection exist? What is been protected against whom? The spontaneous answers to these simple questions refer to the prevailing forms of thinking in commodity society: The “intellectual property” just has to be protected against theft, just like everybody locks their door in order to prevent the television set from be carried away by “TV pirates”.

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Presentation »From Commons to Commonism?«

Before traveling through the Baltics, I gave a presentation in a squatted house in Helsinki, Finland, called »Makamik«, on the question on if and how the Commons can be generalized up to the societal level. The answer in short: Yes. In order to make this thinkable we need some very well developed notions, and the talk is about that. Here are the Slides (PDF, ODP) and the audio files taken by Kalle from Kosmas TV (OGG, MP3) — thanks a lot!


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From Commons to Commonism

meretzkommonismismakamikOn Sunday, July 5th, at 6 pm, I will give a presentation on the potences of the Commons to be generalized to the level of whole society. The presentation will be given in English and takes place in Makamik, a squated house in Helsinki. See also (in finnish).

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Serious Fun: Games Beyond Capital

Designing a Game to Promote Critical Computing Practices Beyond Capital

A workshop at Aarhus 2015 Conference on Critical Alternatives (August, 17-21)

Many of us grew up playing a game called Monopoly—it was about property, and winning other people’s money and land. But is that really the world we want? What if there were a different game?

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From Buen Vivir to the Commons

This is a nice clip on alternative approaches. Like other approaches it shows the tendency to subsume many „alternatives“ as such under one leading approach — the Commons in this example. And there is one tiny weird statement which feels a bit like conspiracy thinking declaring „The Wall Street“ as source of all evil. Nevertheless, watch it 🙂

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Circular Knitic

Circular Knitic is an Open Hardware replicable circular knitting machine. It can be digitally fabricated by using 3D printing, laser cutting, and Arduino — available in your favorite FabLab.

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Twin Oaks: »It is radical sharing«

Is there a sharing culture beyond economy, namely the »shareconomy«? Yes, there is. Watch this inspiring video of the Twin Oaks Community. They have »radical sharing« inside, but selling their commodities to the markets outside. It is one option in a capitalist environment.

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