Antiauthoritarian Communism and Postmonetary Alternatives

Online-Workshop, 11th of November

On saturday, 11.11.2023, AKUT invites you to an Online Workshop on Antiauthoritarian Communism and Postmonetary Alternatives with Anitra Nelson, Friederike Habermann, John Holloway and others. Feel free to distribute the invitation. 


Time: 11.11.2023, 08:30am – 05:00pm EST / 2:30pm CET – 11:00pm CET

Participation link:; Meeting-ID: 919 532 1982

In the 20th century, many leftist dreams turned out to be nightmares. So today emancipatory leftists are challenged to learn from mistakes and successes and to seek answers to one of the most difficult and unpopular questions: ‘But how else?’. Many leftists argue that left alternatives in China, Russia or Yugoslavia were state capitalist systems. They continued to be based on the labor principle “to each according to their performance” and extortion of labor via wage labor not the communist principle “each according to their needs” and the collective, voluntary organization of labor. And still today two of the three alternatives the left advocates – market socialism and state-socialist plan economy 2.0 – are wage-labor-based. This workshop is dedicated to the third alternative and wants to bring together representatives of planning beyond class, state, and abstract labor (council communism, communist anarchism, libertarian socialism, commonism, post-money & post-work approaches etc.).

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