Autor: Stefan Merten

Diskurse über Transformation

TransformationsdiskurseVor ein paar Tagen war ich auf der 4. Transformationskonferenz der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Berlin. Der für mich bei Weitem interessanteste Beitrag kam von Dr. Jan Turowski. In seinem Vortrag „Diskurs über Transformation – Transformation als Diskurs“ beschäftigte er sich mit Diskursen über Transformation.

Jans Einsichten und Kategorisierungen halte ich für ein Projekt wie Keimform und ähnlich gelagerte Projekte für höchst relevant, denn letztendlich wird in solchen Projekten ja ein Diskurs über eine mehr oder weniger tiefgreifende gesellschaftliche Transformation organisiert. Ich werde im Beitrag auch immer mal das abgeschlossene Projekt Oekonux gegen die Begriffe halten, die Jan Turowski bildet.

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Dam Builders and Ship Builders

Last Saturday I attended the workshop COM‘ ON! — Die alte Eigentumswelt dreht sich, see for the homepage.

The workshop has been organized by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung which is the foundation of the party „Die Linke“ in Germany. „Die Linke“ is the socialist party in Germany. As far as I understood the Keimform people co-organized this event.

The workshop has been attended by about 40 persons. At least 8 of them were on the Oekonux list at some point. It was very nice to meet all these people again — some of them I had not met since years.

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Report From Open Knowledge Conference 2011

OKCon 2011 in Berlin was really a great conference and I’m really happy that I were there. Knowing what organizing conferences like this means I’d like to say a big thank you to the organizers.

I don’t have exact numbers but would think that about 200 people attended the conference.

The conference was rather big in terms of program. For two days there were five parallel tracks from 10:00-20:00. A regular slot for a presentation was only 30 minutes unfortunately so beyond some superficial questions there was no room to discuss the things presented. Also there were no time in the schedule between the sessions so it was always a hurry to change rooms. As a result everyone was in a constant hurry which made it difficult to talk to each other.

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Impressions from the Free Culture Research Conference in Berlin

This is really a rich autumn in terms of conferences around peer production. The CPOV conference in Leipzig, the FCRC in Berlin last weekend and the upcoming conference in Amsterdam. And when I think of the CPOV in Amsterdam and the Hull conference in spring then it is even a rich year.

One of the interesting things is that for instance on the Free Culture Research Conference there were a couple of talks which could have been given on an Oekonux Conference very well. Seems like we adopted some topics very early when we had our first conference in 2001 🙂 . Of course I kept a couple of speakers as possible speakers for [ox5].

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