JoPP 3: The Critical Power of Free Software

Journal of Peer ProductionThe new issue of the Journal of Peer Production has been released with the title »The Critical Power of Free Software: from Intellectual Property to Epistemologies?« The issue explores the ability of FLOSS to constitute an epistemological and material critique of contemporary societies.


Editorial Notes – by Maurizio Teli and Vincenzo D’Andrea

Peer reviewed papers

P2P Search as an Alternative to Google: Recapturing network value through decentralized search – by Tyler Handley

Free software and the law. Out of the frying pan and into the fire: how shaking up intellectual property suits competition just fine – by Angela Daly

The Ethic of the Code: An Ethnography of a ‘Humanitarian Hacking’ Community – by Douglas Haywood

From Free Software to Artisan Science – by Dan McQuillan

Free Software trajectories: from organized publics to formal social enterprises? – by Morgan Currie, Christopher Kelty, and Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo


There is no free software – by Christopher Kelty

Desired becomings – by Katja Mayer and Judith Simon

An Envisioning of Free Software’s potential as a form of cultural, practical, and material critique: A New perspective on the implications of FS peer production for social change? – by David Hakken

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