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The Generative Logic of the Commons — Slidecast

During the International Commons Conference in Berlin (Oct 31–Nov 2, 2010) I gave a keynote speech in the stream »The Generative Logic of the Commons« together with Roberto Verzola. I slidecasted (slides+audio) my talk which you can watch and listen to here:

If you wish to see me speaking at the desk—which isn’t really interesting—you may switch to the Böll conference page and choose part 10. There you’ll also find Robertos presentation (part 9) and all other ICC talks, which have been recorded. And I can recommend the discussion after Roberto’s and my talk (part 11), which was loaded with a lot of critical but constructive energy 🙂

[Update: Here are the slides in PDF or ODP format]

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15. November 2010, 07:15 Uhr   3 Kommentare

1 George Por (17.12.2010, 16:31 Uhr)

Stefan, I find your podcast of extremely high-value contribution and would like to quote it on the Commons Knowledge Alliance. Do you have the text somewhere in a copyable media. (Your embedding code is not working in Drupal.)


2 StefanMz (26.12.2010, 15:32 Uhr)

George, the embedding code when clicking on the lower right corner of the slideshow (with the „<>“ symbol) is not working? That’s bad…

I only have the presentation, but not a text, because I was freely speeking. You can download the presentation in two formats: PDF or ODP (OpenOffice).

Let me know, if I can do anything to help.

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