Bin gerade über dieses Buch von Christoph Spehr, Howard Rheingold, Brian Holmes ,  Trebor Scholz (Editor) und Geert Lovink (Editor) gestolpert:

Inspired by the collaborative models of the open-source software movement, Rosa Luxemburg Award-winning German writer Christoph Spehr, Howard Rheingold, Brian Holmes and the editors critique both the received capitalist and socialist methods of social integration, and elaborate a practical vision for a third alternative, one that promises to surmount the problems of inequality on the one hand and the lack of individual freedoms on the other. Part utopian intervention, part radical polemic and activist manual, The Art of Free Cooperation also includes a DVD with additional texts, highlights from an international “Free Cooperation” conference, and a feature-length film collage, narrated by Tony Conrad, illustrating the principles of Free Cooperation through the visual language of science fiction.

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