Envisioning Post-Capitalist Societies via Simulation

On February, 18th/19th, 2021, the project „Society after Money“ is holding a workshop online: „Envisioning Post-Capitalist Societies via Simulation – Critique, Utopias and Agent Based Modelling“ (PDF-Flyer).

How might a post-capitalist society look like? How can we conceive modes of production and coordination that no longer rely on money, markets and the state? Is this possible on a large-scale, not only as small community projects, but society-wide?

The interdisciplinary research group „Society after Money“ (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation), whose goal is to build an Agent Based Model of a post-capitalist economy that can serve as a laboratory to foster thinking about a society after money via experimentation, has invited scholars from respective fields to debate the nexus of critique, utopia and simulation.

Find more informations on the project’s website.


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