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Open Knowledge Conference Berlin

This year the OKCon is taking place in Berlin, Germany, on the 31st June and 1st July. The conference is not limited to open knowledge, but interesting talks come from the diverse fields of the commons in general. Personally, I will give an introductory talk on »Understanding Commons and Peer Production«. Christian is talking about »The Emergence of Benefit-driven Production«. The conference entrance fee is 30 Euro per day.

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19. Juni 2011, 22:52 Uhr   2 Kommentare

1 Report From Open Knowledge Conference 2011 — (02.07.2011, 22:02 Uhr)

[…] OKCon 2011 in Berlin was really a great conference and I’m really happy that I were there. Knowing what organizing conferences like this means I’d like to say a big thank you to the organizers. […]

2 Understanding Commons and Peer Production — (03.07.2011, 12:52 Uhr)

[…] are the slides of my presentation at OKCon 2011 in Berlin. Unfortunately, I have to present them here in proprietary flash format slidesshare uses, because I […]

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