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How does social change happen?

Great talk of Michel Bauwens at pixelACHE festival 2009, taking place from 2nd to 5th of April in Helsinki. He discusses traditional socialist theory and compares it with his P2P-approach of change giving a fairly good analysis.

As a conclusion he describes his vision in two scenarios: The so called »high road« is a hope of implementing a kind of a green capitalism adopting mechanisms of peer production, leaded und supported by the Obama administration. The second »low road« scenario is a rather dark one assuming that there will be no change from top down and all change only comes from bottom up, which implies that during the decline of capitalism these grassroot initiatives are predominantly »resilient communities« securing their immediate means of live.

Alternative Economy Cultures PART 2 from pixelACHE festival.

The question of transition and the role of money

A paragraph of my previous post about an article from Michel Bauwens in we_magazine lead to heavy reactions of Michel, cross-posted here and in Oekonux mailing list. Since some posts only go to the mailing list, I re-publish one of my responses here again. Here we go:

Hi Michel,

I try to answer your questions as best as I can, but I also take the freedom to question your questions, because they base on assumptions I don’t share.

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Open Design and Open Manufacturing

we_magazineMichel Bauwens from P2P-Foundation recently published an interesting article in the new we_magazine (=>Manifesto) summing up current developments in peer production. After explaining the most important aspects of immaterial peer production he discusses the differences when coming to material production. The first expansion step into the sphere of material production is the opening of the design process.

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Payment for peer production

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This is a repost from Michel Bauwens in P2P-Foundation Blog. Michel writes:

In a recent discussion on Oekonux, I came up with the following gradation of payment vs. voluntary contributions in peer production, which echoes the distinction made by Oekonux between singly-free software (a commons as output, but input is wage labour); and doubly-free software (commons output and participatory input).

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Michel Bauwens on Peer to Peer Politics

Michel BauwensOekonux and P2P-Foundation are preparing a common conference in March 2009 in Manchester, UK. The founder of P2P-Foundation, Michel Bauwens, was born in Belgium and is now living in Thailand. He is a busy traveller and promoter of the concept of a »P2P political economy«. The italian researcher Cosma Orsi made an extensive interview with Michel, where he adopted some parts from Peerconomy and germ form theory.

Here are some interesting snippets.

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