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Friederike Habermann on Ecommony

What is the Commons and what is Ecommony? Interview at the Economics and the Commons Conference which took place in Berlin from 22 to 24 May 2013. Interview conducted by Alain Ambrosi with Friederike Habermann

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26. Dezember 2013, 06:46 Uhr   6 Kommentare

1 andreas bergbewohner (27.12.2013, 23:42 Uhr)

i live in this projekt since the beginning of it…just say to this interview , why do this women travel so much around the world since so many year,talking to so many people about how to life ,not have learn a better english yeat ? may its the lack of a connection to reality or the lack of conversation with real people .becose if she would, she would see , she`d been talkink nonesense and teaching nonesense on big meeting all over the world….so sad

2 Christian Siefkes (31.12.2013, 17:52 Uhr)

@andreas: I don’t think Friederike’s English is particularly bad, it certainly seems to be better than yours. Apparently you think she’s talking nonsense, can you explain where/why?

3 andreas bergbewohner (02.01.2014, 20:27 Uhr)

Becose it only work in theoretic. In the project dont work at all . We have nearly no economie . Everything is down. We can call it communism also, the only thing that grow a bit is the private (also getting children ! ) sector. everything kommune-owened is fucked up. Actually there is on big bug in this kommunist- philosphie .   How to get the people not to be selfish or how to get people not getting lazy if everything is shared. Or how to get people and also yr – self   pressure to get up and be productive for the kommune???

This is why this time i had to say something about this video. Fredrike is travelling around the world, telling thousands of people how to live, but telling something never had worked  anywhere in the world ….and specially in the reality we life in now.

4 dr. rer. nat. harad wenk (04.01.2014, 22:08 Uhr)

common property is more natural in mankind, in many variants. therefore the movements to install it again,  have a strong basis. 

5 Christian Siefkes (10.01.2014, 19:50 Uhr)

@andreas Hmm, if your project doesn’t work at all, how come it didn’t collapse, like so many other projects? And why are you still there? It can’t be that bad….

Also, I’ve never heard Friederike advertising her/your housing project as some kind of ideal model for others. She always says that it’s pretty special and that other projects might need other solutions.

6 andreas bergbewohner (11.01.2014, 21:42 Uhr)

the project doesn’t collapse,becose some people keep it running….i am still there,becose not manage to jump on the right Train yeat…and is may not so much fun,but its fascinating how fare this destruction can go….and yeah its still a experiment 

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