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The Liberator — Pressing Bricks With Open Source

The story of the Liberator — the worlds first open source compressed earth brick press. Download the designs from and build yourself.

[Update] CEB Production Run:

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2. Oktober 2012, 06:43 Uhr   2 Kommentare

1 Christian Siefkes (02.10.2012, 10:47 Uhr)

Sadly, I just get „This video does not exist“, maybe the link has changed?

Also, instead of the vague remark „Download the designs from“, a deep link to the actual download location would be helpful.

2 Stefan Meretz (02.10.2012, 23:05 Uhr)

Argh, they re-uploaded the video and the ID changed (while I was offline). Thanks, fixed. Also deep link given now.

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