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Open Source at 90 MPH

Die Netzausgabe der BusinessWeek berichtet unter der Rubrik „Innovation“ über die ersten 6 Jahre des OScar Projekts:

At the beginning, the group worked quietly. Then suddenly, a few months into the project, it began to attract a lot of attention—too much, actually. A popular German tech online newsletter linked to the OScar manifesto, German TV broadcast a report, and things slipped out of hand. (…)
Six years after the first seed, the group’s Web site says the OScar is currently „in release 0.2,“ which Merz translates as „early conceptual stage.“ „We aren’t trying to speed it up anymore, we will let it grow based on the amount of time we can all contribute,“ he says. One lesson he has learned: The process of doing things, particularly pathbreaking things like imagining an open-source car, „is more important than the deadline.“

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10. Dezember 2006, 22:07 Uhr   3 Kommentare

1 StefanMz (12.12.2006, 14:43 Uhr)

Ein weiteres Zitat, weil das zwei Links auf weitere Projekte enthält:

The OScar is not the only open-source hardware project out there. Others include Zero Prestige, which designs kites and kite-powered vehicles, and Open Prosthetics, which offers free exchange of designs for prosthetic devices.

Leider ist die „Drachen-Site“ zur Zeit nicht erreichbar.

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