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Happy Birthday, Oekonux

Today, the Oekonux project celebrates its 10-th birthday. Stefan Merten, the main founder and maintainer of the project, wrote on the mailing list:

Ten years ago, at the 21st of July 1999, I sent the first mail using the first Oekonux mailing list which had been just created:

I remember that at this time after ten years of heavy political activism I did not want to engage in something new. I remember that I was tired of this and also bored because after ten years you start to see the repetitions… Well, in the end I did not do what I wanted but instead followed my inner calling and founded Oekonux. That was really Selbstentfaltung 🙂 .

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Eindrücke von der WOS 4

Zwei Tage konnte ich an der Konferenz „Wizards of OS 4“ teilnehmen, und ich war sehr positiv überrascht. Heise brachte bisher diese Berichte, die ganz gut widerspiegeln, was diskutiert wurde. Aus meiner Sicht nun ein paar subjektive Ergänzungen.

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