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Pat Mooney: Privatization of Chemical Elements

Pat Mooney (Foto: Wikipedia, Lizenz GFDL)This is a reference to an article by Silke Helfrich maintaining the great CommonsBlog. Silke did a transcription of a spontaneous presentation by Pat Mooney given at the international commons meeting in Crottorf in June. Due to having a lot of english-only readers here, I want to point you to the orginal english transcription in Silke’s post starting after some introductory words in german with the headline »New technologies and new enclosures of the commons«.

A very interesting and somewhat disturbing presentation by Pat Mooney (Alternative Nobel Prize in 1985) about the dangers of nanotech and the like.

Open Nanotech

Das auch ansonsten lesenswerte Blog Tux Deluxe hat einen Text zu Nanotechnologie veröffentlicht. Interessant für uns wirds etwas weiter unten, wenn argumentiert wird, dass Nanotechnologie – solange sie noch jung und formbar ist – schleunigst unter das Paradigma der „Offenheit“ gehört.

Und am Schluss wirds direkt philosophisch wenn „Offenheit“ genauer bestimmt wird:

Ivan Illich, the social critic and Jesuit priest, in his 1973 classic „Tools for Conviviality“ argued that tools and technologies should be evaluated on the basis of their ‚conviviality‘. Did they empower their users or disempower them? Could they be modified and repaired by anyone? Did they facilitate liberty, equality and fraternity or dependency, inequality and social isolation? Did they benefit or harm the users‘ society and environment? His examples of tools and technologies for conviviality included telephones, bicycles and skills exchanges – nowdays he would presumably have included Linux, email and IRC. Unconvivial tools included cars, compulsory schooling and television – and now, presumably, AOL and Windows XP.

Vielleicht wird es Zeit für mich mal wieder einen Jesuiten zu lesen?