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Michel BauwensOn 22 September this blog has turned ten years old [DE] — and it’s still going strong! In order to celebrate this event we have asked various companions of keimform.de to share their memories and thoughts on our blog. The responses that we have received we’ll publish here in loose order.

The emerging social movements of the commons are very diverse, which is good, but also very fragmented, which may not be a good thing. So we need media that can report on this bio-diversity and point to underlying common threads. There are still preciously few online media outlets that do this. One consisting voice in the German-language world, with regular English reporting as well, has been Keimform, which acts as a necessary bridge between the German-speaking world and those who only know the lingua franca of our times.

Congratulations on a full decade of sharing and reporting!! Bravo to the team of editors who has been providing this unpaid service so consistently!

Michel Bauwens, P2P theorist and activist, director and founder of the P2P Foundation

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