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P2P Value Project

The P2P Value Project collects data on Commons Based Peer Production and provides the data for research. The following video explains how the project works.

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18. August 2014, 18:51 Uhr   2 Kommentare

1 Franz Nahrada (18.08.2014, 20:04 Uhr)

Organized by P2P foundation with a consortium of 4 Universities !!

I hope this leads to a better approach than the P2P License.

The question is still: what exactly is value creation? I dont see a questioning of monetary value in the project concept. “Through a triangulation of qualitative and quantitative methods, we will elaborate guidelines for the institutional and technical features that favour value creation in commons-based peer production.”

One could assume “its about meausurement of the production of social capital instead of monetary capital”. but this is just an assumption.

2 » Linkübersicht (19.08.2014, 16:36 Uhr)

[…] P2P Value Project […]

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