Complementary Currencies Flop

says Matthew Slater, evangelist of complementary currencies, but still sticking to old illusions:

It is frustrating for me, seeing clearly how almost all the world’s problems boil down to the design and the pervasiveness money, and seeing this point so often missed and overlooked by economists politicians and commentators, none of whom are offering solutions. The problem of money is still not being communicated. Despite proven successes, complementary currencies have a patchy history, and governments regard them with suspicion everywhere except South America. Through Community Forge I’m able to reach and help some of the grass roots organisations that do understand, but it seems so little when whole countries are sinking underwater. Many organisations are coming to us for help, but few people are coming to offer help. And when they do, we don’t even have time to manage them. The movement is growing, but not as fast as the economy is diving, and not as fast, I fear, as the money addicts are finding new ways to part us from it.

Nope, alternative money will not help us, when hard money crashes. Not missing pervasiveness of money is the problem, but pervasive money — at least in our thinking — ruling our activities. Demonetize it!

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