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Oekonux Conference Schedule V1.0

4th Oekonux ConferenceVersion 1.0 of the 4th Oekonux Conference program has been released. 26 speakers cover a wide range of topics from immaterial to material peer production and theory to practice. As far as titles of the speeches are given — a very interesting program!

The 4th Oekonux Conference is organized by Oekonux project in cooperation with P2P Foundation and takes place in Manchester (UK) from 27th to 29th of march 2009. Conference organizers ask for registration, which would help to prepare the conference.

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8. März 2009, 23:03 Uhr   1 Kommentar

1 Thomas Kalka (12.03.2009, 08:15 Uhr)

Werden Aufnahmen der Veranstaltungen organisiert ?

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