The Open Source World in 2020

Stefan Merten, founder of Oekonux project, is going to give a presentation at FrOSCon — the Free and Open Source Conference in Sankt Augustin, Germany, 23th – 24th of august. The presentation titled »The (Open Source) World in 2020 — A History Based Look into the Future« is already online. Stefan’s style is to cut down complex analysis to handy statements, where he draws his conclusions from.

Here are the conclusions giving a good overview of the talk:

  • 1984 — Very beginnings may be hard to notice
  • 1996 — Good ideas grow because they are useful to people
  • 2008 — Basic principles are strong enough to spread out
  • First basic principle: Selbstentfaltung — Something what individual and society wants
  • Second basic principle: Openness — Technology may make way for new societal phenomenons
  • A new mode of production emerges — Something wrong with classic economy 😉
  • Power from new principles — Oekonux thesis: New mode of production => new society
  • Five-step model of development — There is hope!
  • Capitalism as a successful germ form: 200 years back — A new mode of production as a germ form can take over
  • A peek into the future — Vertical expansion is quite sure — Horizontal expansion depends on many aspects
  • Deeper embedding — More won’t happen in 12 years

Please read the details (aka bullet points).

Conclusion of the conclusions of the bullet point list: Qualitatively, in 2020 we have the same situation as in 2008.

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