Critique of Peerconomy Model

Stefan Merten wrote a harsh critique of the Peer-Economy Model Christian has developed. Due to the text being very long, I only re-post the headlines giving a good overview of the direction of the critique. I find it very useful, that Stefan explained his critique in this long text, although I did not share his views. I hope, that I will find the time to discover the shortcuts of the critique. But maybe others will do this too.

The headlines:

  • Preface
  • Highlights
    • Peer production as a concept
    • Problems to solve
    • Non-harmful ways to deal with lack of volunteers
    • Well done!
  • Disguises
    • Coerced contributions: Abstract labor in disguise
    • Distribution pools: Markets in disguise
    • Weighted hours: Money in disguise
    • Meta-projects: Governments in disguise
    • Unmask!
  • Voids
    • Means of production: Missing
    • Selbstentfaltung and external openness: Missing
    • Fill the voids!
  • Redundancies
    • New mode of production vs. crisis of the old
    • Abstract labor and it’s political correct application
    • Save effort!

Read the full text!

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