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Will Capitalism Survive »Value Abundance«?

Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P-Foundation, wrote a great article on Al Jazeera website on the expansion of sharing economy and peer production — and the problems for capitalism it causes.

The headline taken from Bauwens article is somewhat vague, because it is not clear what type of value is meant there. In the text he distinguishes between use value and exchange or monetary value. He explains, that the more use value is produced by way of open source and peer production, the more exchange value has been removed from the market:

Thus, the open-source economy destroys more proprietary software value than it replaces. Even as it creates an explosion of use value, its monetary value decreases.

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Egypt: Footage and Photos under CC

The Qatar based televison network Al Jazeera released footages (raw film material) and photos (at their Flickr account) from the Egypt Riots under Creative Commons Attribution License (as long the logo remains intact in the remix). Using CC Al Jazeera is ahead compared to other network stations glued to proprietary formats. Although Egypt information minister shuted down Al Jazerra’s office in Cairo, Al Jazeera announced that »it will continue its in-depth and comprehensive reporting on the events unfolding in Egypt«. Here you’ll find an emotional video remix (from other sources) and informations on alternative internet access capabilities in Egypt. [via]