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From Buen Vivir to the Commons

This is a nice clip on alternative approaches. Like other approaches it shows the tendency to subsume many „alternatives“ as such under one leading approach — the Commons in this example. And there is one tiny weird statement which feels a bit like conspiracy thinking declaring „The Wall Street“ as source of all evil. Nevertheless, watch it 🙂

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20. April 2015, 07:36 Uhr   2 Kommentare

1 Hannes (20.04.2015, 22:35 Uhr)

…and another slightly weird thing: cooperatives (Genossenschaften) are subsumed under this term. This is something that I would not do as they produce predominantly for markets. This is a problem as it does affect the „democratic“ internal structure of cooperatives and as it reproduces the market economy.
This does not mean that cooperatives are all bad or that they are to be condemned entirely. But I would not call them commons.

2 Stefan Meretz (21.04.2015, 21:46 Uhr)

Yep, agree on that.

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