The Generative Logic of the Commons — Slidecast

geschrieben von Stefan Meretz am 15. November 2010, 07:15 Uhr

During the International Commons Conference [1] in Berlin (Oct 31–Nov 2, 2010) I gave a keynote speech in the stream »The Generative Logic of the Commons« together with Roberto Verzola. I slidecasted (slides+audio) my talk which you can watch and listen to here:

If you wish to see me speaking at the desk—which isn’t really interesting—you may switch to the Böll conference page [2] and choose part 10. There you’ll also find Robertos presentation (part 9) and all other ICC talks, which have been recorded. And I can recommend the discussion after Roberto’s and my talk (part 11), which was loaded with a lot of critical but constructive energy 🙂

[Update: Here are the slides in PDF [3] or ODP [4] format]

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