Michel Bauwens on Openness in Design and Manufacturing

geschrieben von Stefan Meretz am 15. August 2010, 07:03 Uhr

The following video is picked out of a big stream of skype-based interviews on open design [1], especially in architecture — driven by the Berlin based project opensimsim.net [2]. The interview was done by Natalia Fentisova.

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[1] interviews on open design: http://vimeo.com/user4229401/videos

[2] opensimsim.net: http://opensimsim.net/

[3] : https://keimform.de/2010/michel-bauwens-on-openness-in-design-and-manufacturing/?share=email

[4] : https://keimform.de/2010/michel-bauwens-on-openness-in-design-and-manufacturing/?share=facebook

[5] : https://keimform.de/2010/michel-bauwens-on-openness-in-design-and-manufacturing/?share=twitter

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