Oekonux Conference Schedule V1.0

geschrieben von Stefan Meretz am 8. März 2009, 23:03 Uhr

4th Oekonux Conference [1]Version 1.0 of the 4th Oekonux Conference [1] program has been released. 26 speakers [2] cover a wide range of topics from immaterial to material peer production and theory to practice. As far as titles of the speeches are given — a very interesting program!

The 4th Oekonux Conference is organized by Oekonux project in cooperation with P2P Foundation [3] and takes place in Manchester (UK) from 27th to 29th of march 2009. Conference organizers ask for registration [4], which would help to prepare the conference.

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URL zum Beitrag: https://keimform.de/2009/oekonux-conference-schedule-v10/

URLs in diesem Beitrag:

[1] Bild: http://www.oekonux-conference.org/

[2] speakers: http://www.oekonux-conference.org/program/speakers.en.html

[3] P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net/

[4] registration: http://www.oekonux-conference.org/registration.html

[5] : https://keimform.de/2009/oekonux-conference-schedule-v10/?share=email

[6] : https://keimform.de/2009/oekonux-conference-schedule-v10/?share=facebook

[7] : https://keimform.de/2009/oekonux-conference-schedule-v10/?share=twitter

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