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The Heinrich Böll Foundation [1] (related to the German Green Party [2]) has compiled an English-language web dossier on the commons [3]. The dossier contains a number of articles that were published in German language in the commons book [4] compiled by Silke Helfrich (founder of the well-known German CommonsBlog [5]). I’ve contributed an article on The Commons of the Future: Building Blocks for a Commons-based Society [6] (PDF), discussing how future commons-based societies might organize themselves. The article, which has also been published [7] by the Commoner [8] magazine, highlights and clarifies many of the points I make in my book [9], focusing especially on the role of the commons [10] in past, present, and future societies.

The dossier contains lots of other interesting articles as well, by Silke Helfrich, David Bollier [11], Yochai Benkler [12], Elinor Ostrom [13] and Pat Mooney [14], among others. It also contains an interview with Richard Stallman [15].

Recommended reading!

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