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Presentation »From Commons to Commonism?«

Before traveling through the Baltics, I gave a presentation in a squatted house in Helsinki, Finland, called »Makamik«, on the question on if and how the Commons can be generalized up to the societal level. The answer in short: Yes. In order to make this thinkable we need some very well developed notions, and the talk is about that. Here are the Slides (PDF, ODP) and the audio files taken by Kalle from Kosmas TV (OGG, MP3) — thanks a lot!


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From Commons to Commonism

meretzkommonismismakamikOn Sunday, July 5th, at 6 pm, I will give a presentation on the potences of the Commons to be generalized to the level of whole society. The presentation will be given in English and takes place in Makamik, a squated house in Helsinki. See also (in finnish).

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Serious Fun: Games Beyond Capital

Designing a Game to Promote Critical Computing Practices Beyond Capital

A workshop at Aarhus 2015 Conference on Critical Alternatives (August, 17-21)

Many of us grew up playing a game called Monopoly—it was about property, and winning other people’s money and land. But is that really the world we want? What if there were a different game?

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From Buen Vivir to the Commons

This is a nice clip on alternative approaches. Like other approaches it shows the tendency to subsume many „alternatives“ as such under one leading approach — the Commons in this example. And there is one tiny weird statement which feels a bit like conspiracy thinking declaring „The Wall Street“ as source of all evil. Nevertheless, watch it 🙂

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Circular Knitic

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Twin Oaks: »It is radical sharing«

Is there a sharing culture beyond economy, namely the »shareconomy«? Yes, there is. Watch this inspiring video of the Twin Oaks Community. They have »radical sharing« inside, but selling their commodities to the markets outside. It is one option in a capitalist environment.

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Omni Commons

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From Fab Labs to Fab Cities

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Book of Peer Production

Journal of Peer ProductionThe Book of Peer Production has been released as a special edition of Journal of Peer Production. It consists of papers written by presenters at the Peer Production-track at the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) in Göteborg 2014. It is cool, that all content in the book is in the public domain.

Johan Söderberg and Mathieu O’Neil explain: „In fact, the commons and peer production are two names for describing the same thing: a particular kind of labour relation. This labour relation is predicated on voluntary participation and the self-selection of tasks.“ — This is exactly what I mean by the commons as being a new elementary form (as used by Marx) of social production opposed to the commodity form.

These are the articles of the book: Vollständigen Artikel lesen »

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A Commons Guide for the 4th International Degrowth Conference

degrowthThis is an incomplete collection of commons-related events at the 4th International Degrowth Conference in Leipzig, which will start on September 2. There will be an enormous number of parallel events, sessions and workshops during the 3 main conference days. So, if you want to find commons-related events, the following might be useful for you. We gathered information in English and German for panels and workshops prepared by commoners or where commoners participate. Moreover, You are also invited to one (or two?) network meetings of commoners.

We are thrilled that the Degrowth Conference goes beyond the degrowth movement and opens a space to discuss commonalities and differences with other movements. So,let’s make the commons visible at the conference and use this awesome opportunity to plan for our next steps. Maybe in a not so far future, the Commons Movement will organize a movement congress as well. Leipzig might be an example.

Read more at the CommonsBlog…

Sadly, my own event collides with a scheduled networking meeting among commoners and also several other commons-related events. There is just too much going on in parallel 🙁

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